smart devicesHome assistants and smart electronics were popular gifts this Christmas.  Whether you got an Echo with Alexa, a Google Assistant, a Nest, or any of the other brands and their respective accessories, you are on the path to a smarter home and potentially a faster sale.  As more millennials are buying homes, these smart items are big selling points.

Some of the more popular features in smart home items are listed below.  These can have great selling power to the right buyers.  This list is not all inclusive.  New items are always coming out.  Remember each time you go to replace a light bulb or appliance to think of the future value the new item can not only bring to you, but also how much more enticing your home will be to buy when you sell it.

Remote Access and Control

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It seemed to all start with the Nest programmable thermostat.  Many of us have turned the setting on the thermostat down when leaving for vacation to try and save some money, only to come home to the most uncomfortable house temperature ever.  Being able to turn the thermostat back up when you are on the way home so it is comfortable when you arrive is awesome.  Not to mention all the energy savings they can afford you every day by setting them a bit lower while you are at work and automatically getting the house ready for you to come home.

Technology moves quickly.  Now there are Smart Plugs that you can control remotely with any number of apps using your home assistant.  Smart plugs can turn virtually anything you can plug into them on and off either automatically, on a timer, or manually using the app (or your voice if you are home).  Some even have motion sensors in them to come on when movement is detected.

smart home features

Your overhead lighting can also be controlled remotely using those devices.  If you pair them with LED bulbs, you can have peace of mind with automatic lighting and save money on your electric bills as well.

Smart Appliances

smart home appliances

My wife would absolutely love a fridge with a Keurig built into it and a feature that would add items to our Kroger Click List when we use the last of something.  Or better yet, when you are out and can’t remember if you have milk, you can use the app to look inside the fridge and see for sure.  Of course they are more expensive than your standard fridge, but when a potential buyer sees that in your home, they are that much closer to buying.

Don’t forget, if you have an older model fridge and you upgrade to an Energy Star Compliant model, many utility companies will give you a credit on your bill.  They will even come pick up your old fridge for you in most cases.

Security Systems

home security

Of course, having a company like ADT for your home security is great, but if you can’t afford the monthly fees, then you can look at putting together a system of your own.  You can purchase a kit or piece one together.  Cameras, motion sensors, window and door sensors, and all types of other features are available for integration with your home assistant.  New buyers will feel very safe buying your home with these features installed.

The greatest thing about these Smart Devices is that they are relatively easy to install on your own.  With over 100 million units of Smart Devices estimated to sell this year, they will only become easier to use and more devices will work with them.  Soon the Tony Stark dream house can be available to anyone.  Well, almost anyway.


Ready to list your home for sale?  Give us a call and we can help you get your home sold quickly.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any of the latest gadgets.  We can sell every kind of home with any kind of technology.  We have been doing it for nearly 3 decades.

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