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You can throw a rock in our area and hit a real estate agent.  Believe it or not, choosing an agent is a big decision.  Even an average agent can sell your home.  Good agents can sell homes in a tough market.  A mediocre agent can sell a home in a hot market.  A great agent backed by the industry leading agency can sell your home quickly, and in any market…and we do.  At RE/MAX Executive Group, Inc. we have the best agents, teams, and agency.

You can trust that your home will be presented in the best manner.  You will be treated professionally.  All agents use words like “best” and “most”, but do not really define those terms.  The image to the right (or below if you are on a mobile device) pretty much sums it up.  If you want your home sold, RE/MAX Executive Group, Inc. is the place to come.

Take the first step

So you are ready to sell your home.  The first step is to reach out to us.  You can reach out in nearly any way you prefer.  We can’t answer back in smoke signals and don’t monitor the CB radio anymore, but if you call, email, fill out our contact form, or reach out on Facebook.

You will receive a response from one of our friendly agents, who will take some time to get to know you and gather information about you and the property you are looking to sell.  From there we will assess your needs and schedule a time to come look at your home.

List Your Home

Why do you need to come see my home?

We visit homes so that you get a true estimate of the value of your home.  In order to create a solid selling price, not only do we rely on sales in your area in the last few years, but we also take the time to look for other things that can increase your home value.  We will also let you know of any improvements you can make to help your home sell quickly and for the most money possible.

Other websites have estimates they provide, but it is a very limited approach and it can be disappointing to see a big number and it not be true or can be discouraging to see a small number that is under the true value.  By creating the right expectations up front, we can help you decide on the best way and price to sell you home.

In addition, we will want to get familiar with your home, as we will be showing it to as many people as possible once you decide to list your home for sale with us.

So now what?

Once you decide on the price you would like to list your home, we will write up a listing contract and you are off to the races.  Your home will be listed on the MLS for all realtors to be able to see.  It will also be posted on all the major home sale sites like Zillow, Realtor, Homes, etc.  You will be able to share the web page on our site dedicated to your home.

List Your Home
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Looking for more information about buying or selling your home, land, or commercial property?  You have come to the right place.  Simply fill out the form below or use our contact information to get in touch with us.  We are always willing and ready to help.

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