Home Security Checklist

Thank you for checking out our Home Security Checklist.  You can download a simple version of it here.  Please feel free to download, print, or forward it on to help audit the security of your home. Our home security checklist is designed to help you quickly find any places your home security can be upgraded.  It is certainly not an all inclusive list, but is a great start.  More detailed information is below to help you even more.

Doors & Windows

  • Check door locks to make sure they are installed tight and secure
  • Make sure all door locks / dead bolts have keys and function properly
  • Inspect door jambs for any damage or wear
  • Is the glass secured and sealed in your door(s)
  • Open and close all windows, testing they close all the way and lock securely
  • Inspect windows for any cracks in the glass
  • Look for and fix any cracks around the window sills
  • Do your windows have security film on them
  • Don’t forget the basement windows. Do they need bars on them?
  • Don’t forget garage windows


  • Install / check exterior motion activated lights. Replace / redirect as necessary
  • Consider solar walkway lights for paths leading to all entrances
  • Do you have light timers for when you are out of town


  • Cut back any trees or shrubs near entrances that can be used to hide behind
  • Keep limbs away from windows
  • Check fence perimeter for any openings and close off as necessary
  • Check all gates to ensure latches and locks function
  • Keep landscaping and yard maintained


  • The garage is easily forgotten. Check all windows and doors just as if they were in the house
  • If you do not park inside the garage, do you take your openers in the house at night
  • Lock away any tools that can be used to gain entry in the home
  • Chemicals should be stored properly


  • Do you have one? Look into one if you do not
  • Check your security system log as you open and close all windows and doors. It should see them
  • Is your alarm code too easy to guess? Should you change it?
  • Does your alarm have a battery back up?

Storage Shed

  • Make sure you lock your shed all the time