With schools being out and lots of PTO time being taken from work, the holidays are a great time to get out in the community.  My family memories were not made of binge watching Netflix and trying to find the end of my Instagram feed.  We would drive around looking at Christmas lights, go to our favorite stores, and make trips to places that had fun things to do.  Many families go cut their own Christmas tree.  Couples enjoy ice skating as a romantic excuse for holding on to one another for an hour or so.

The good news now is that our community has grown so much since I was a kid that the activities we once had to drive over an hour to get to are now just minutes away.  Below is a list of just a few of the holiday activities around Elizabethtown you can try to fit in between Game of Thrones and Stranger Things 2.

Elizabethtown Christmas in the Park

The Elizabethtown Christmas in the Park is an annual event where drivers can view lighted holiday scenes.  Local businesses and groups put up their own decorations so the park is full of support from the entire community.  You can view all of the scenes from the heat and comfort of your vehicle, making this one of the coziest ways to enjoy Christmas lights.  There is even Christmas music you can tune in on your radio to really get you in the spirit.

  • Admission:  It is free, but donations are welcomed.
  • Open:  November 22nd through January 1st
  • Hours:  6pm – 11pm EST
  • Note that weather may be a limiting factor on some nights.
  • Entrance: Use the entrance on Blue Heron Way into the park.

Elizabethtown Artificial Ice Skating RInk

Ice skating is one of those things we have always had to drive to Louisville for.  But the City has done a great job of making this one of the growing holiday activities around Elizabethtown.  Not only can you come out and skate during the normal hours, but you are also able to book a private skate party during times when the rink is not open to the public.  December birthdays have never been so fun.

Light Up Downtown

Light Up Downtown is a group of all day holiday activities around Elizabethtown.  There are all kids of activities planned.  Crafts, face painting, shopping, a parade, and the list goes on.  Come enjoy all or part of the day with the whole family.

These are the kinds of events and activities we all see in movies and wonder where they actually happen.

You and your family will all have something to enjoy.

New Years Dash 5k Run/Walk

Elizabethtown New Years Dash 5K

Your New Years Resolution is to get fit in 2018.  Kick off the year with the New Years Dash 5k run/walk.  We all want to burn off the holiday calories and make a vow to get into shape “this year”.  Running is a fantastic way to do just that.  Elizabethtown has a fantastic running community anchored downtown at our local specialty running store, Running Soles.

The run group is amazing and you are welcomed in with open arms no matter your skill level.  A huge part of staying on the path to fitness is having a friend do it with you so you hold each other accountable.  With dozens of runners in the area, you are set up for success.  Not to mention you can spend the money you save by not buying a gym membership on all the fun, brightly colored clothes and shoes runners love to wear!

Whiskey Wednesdays at The Boundary Oak Distillery

Whiskey Wednesday at Boundary Oak Distillery

Maybe you need a break from the in-laws.  Perhaps you need something to warm you up from the cold weather.  The Boundary Oak Distillery has a weekly event just for you…and me.

Whiskey Wednesdays will be held inside the distillery during November and December. This event features live music, food trucks, our signature cocktails and a nice relaxed environment where kids are welcome to come along.  Entry is free and this weekly event runs from 7:00-11:00 p.m.

Holiday activities around elizabethtown

These are just a few of the holiday activities around Elizabethtown you can plan on taking part of this holiday season.  There are certainly more than the above.  If you have a favorite local holiday activity, please let us know in the comments below.  If you are a business owner with holiday specials or activities, please feel free to let everyone know about them in the comments as well.

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